Tuesday, 24 February 2015

2015。02。24 公園

This post is the English version of this post (in Japanese)

Title translation: Park

For the last seven years I have often visited Singapore during my trip. Every time I go I realize through the different scenery that I've seen, that there is always development in the country. To put it simply, like a child, Singapore is growing. The government is constantly constructing new train routes, new tourists attraction as well as renewing the existing infrastructures. But in this trip I was able to see a good example of city planning. Even though there is a lot of ongoing construction, amid the development they include human aspect -- public spaces.

Public spaces are for example roads, parks, beaches that are essential for a city so that during city planning the distribution of these places must not be forgotten. Especially parks, which act not only as the greenery of a city but as a place where citizens can gather, play and relax. And because of that, I think a city must have a lot of parks. Until now I have been to few parks in Singapore, like Singapore Botanic Gardens, Japanese Garden, Fort Canning Park or Marina Barrage. However this time I got the opportunity to visit Gardens by the Bay. 

I was really excited when I went there. Walking in the park is always a favorite pass time of mine, but compared to the other parks I've seen, Gardens by the Bay takes the top spot. It is a must to see. Aside from the huge size, the attractiveness of this park comes from its 2 vegetation domes and a group of tall structures called Supertree Grove.