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2015.03.20 理想の生き方

This post is the English version of this post (in Japanese)

Title translation: Ideal Way of Life

The other day we were scheduled to interview two Japanese women about their ideal way of life. Each interviewee in turn got 30 minutes to answer 5 questions, and the answers are turned into this writing. The questions are as follows:

1. "Life always change". Do you agree/disagree with this statement? What do you think of it?
2. Do you like your current job?
3. To be a rich, how important is that?
4. Do you wish to live in various countries?
5. Cities or rural area, which one do you think is easier to live in?

Woman A:
Because her life has changed before, Woman A agrees to this "Life always change" statement. Previously she was working in an office, then midway she studied to become a Japanese teacher. When she finished studying she became a full-fledged Japanese teacher. Because of that reason, she is satisfied with her current job and has never thought of changing again.

Her satisfaction to her current job is confirmed when she was asked "Do you want to be a rich person?". She answered that of course she wants to be rich, but that is not the most important thing. If to be rich one has to sacrifice not meeting friends and only care about work then it is not good at all, she said. 

Woman A answered that she wants to live in various countries when she was asked question no 4. To meet people from different countries, to know different cultures, that is an interesting thought. And the answer to the last question, Woman A chooses to live in suburbs, because while countryside is really inconvenient, cities have their own set of problems as well.

Woman B:
In response to "Life always change" statement, Woman B agrees because "I think it's never the same every time". Some years before she was living in different countries, teaching Japanese to students, but she said the greatest change of her life is when she came to Malaysia. The impact of that change is so big that she doesn't even think to go back to Japan anymore.

For the next question, she likes her job to the point that she couldn't think of doing something else at the moment. But she said jokingly, she likes job that makes her think so when she was in middle school she wanted to be a philosopher.

Woman B thinks that if she could live just a normal life, being rich is not important at all. Right now she uses the money she earns for herself, and saves for herself, and that is enough. Of course, she worries a scenario when she reaches 70 or 80 years old and the money is enough and she needs to earn living properly for future. 

Because Woman B likes to travel to many countries and experiences life there, it would be good if there is a opportunity for that. We spent a long time talking about this, derailing a bit from the topic that we forgot to ask the last question. But inferred from the long story, she wants to live in a city where she could walk anywhere.

My impression about the interview:
From this interview I could understand Woman A and Woman B opinions about the ideal way of life. Their answers left an impression on me, because if I compare it with my own life, it is almost similar , thus I can definitely sympathize with them. My life has changed since I came to Malaysia.

Since I have been studying, working, having hobbies, meeting people from different countries in Malaysia my current ideal way of life and my previous ideal way of life is now different. Life is fun everyday now, up to the point that I couldn't imagine what would happen if I did not come to Malaysia that time. For that reason, from now on as well, my life will keep changing.

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